Chart Hill Lakes Rules and Terms


Fishery Terms and Conditions
On-line booking wherever possible – no cancellation refunds

Limited spectators by prior agreement with Fishery Manager

Please take your litter home

No entering the water

No dogs (unless a recognised assistance dog and with prior agreement of Fishery Manager)

Please show respect to other anglers -no bright lights or loud noise (The Fishery Manager reserves the right to ask anyone being disruptive to leave)

Anglers and spectators enter the fishery at their own risk and Chart Hill Lakes is not liable for any injury or damage to equipment and vehicles

Chart Hill Lakes, a Fishery in Kent


Fishery rules
We don’t have many, but we ask that you respect the few rules we do insist upon.
All anglers under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult
No anglers under 16 years of age allowed on the specimen lake
All anglers must have a current EA fishing licence and carry a carp care kit
Minimum tackle requirements on specimen lake
Barbless hooks only – no crimped or microbarbs
No braided main lines or lead core
No fixed leads or bolt rigs
No rods to be left unattended
Keep nets to be used in authorised matches only
No sacking carp
Fishing from numbered swims only on coarse and specimen lakes
You may use your own nets, etc which must be dipped and rinsed on arrival
No fish to be held above waist height
No nuts or particles
Boilies are allowed